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Sitecore India Conference 2017

Sitecore is organizing the Sitecore India Conference that provides all about insights into online customer experiences. This event provides immense knowledge for CMOs, Marketing, and Digital Leaders, E-Commerce Managers in addition to technical sessions for IT Heads and Developers. Please join us (edynamic) in attending this event. For information, refer to CONFERENCE DETAILS Date:… Continue reading Sitecore India Conference 2017

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How to maximize use of Sitecore Marketing Operations API?

Sitecore has the Marketing Operations API that you can use programmatically to manage marketing definition (goals, campaigns, outcomes) and taxonomy data (Campaign groups, Outcome groups, Assets, Venues, Channels, Campaign facets, Goal facets, Asset facets). You can define, manage, activate, deploy, or update marketing definitions and taxonomies using Marketing Operations API. For further reading, please read… Continue reading How to maximize use of Sitecore Marketing Operations API?

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Sitecore Search Operations

Sitecore has the search operations that helps content authors to run common operations on search result items. This is one of the important features that are used by content authors to ease the day to day operations. This saves a lot of time to do the repetitive work. For further reading, please read article at… Continue reading Sitecore Search Operations

Sitecore 9

Sitecore 9 Installation Framework

With the release of Sitecore 9, there is new framework introduced called Sitecore Installation Framework. The main objective of this Sitecore Installation Framework is to ease the process of local and remote installations of Sitecore. The underlying technology for this Sitecore Installation Framework is a Microsoft® Powershell module. For more information, you can refer to… Continue reading Sitecore 9 Installation Framework

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Sitecore Provider for Data Exchange Framework

Data Exchange framework provides the platform to integrate content from outside systems Sitecore into its Experience Platform. This outside system can be any CRM like Dynamic CRM, Salesforce or even your call centre system etc. Sitecore provides “Sitecore Provider for Data Exchange Framework” that allows you to interact with Sitecore data (items, campaigns, and contacts).… Continue reading Sitecore Provider for Data Exchange Framework

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Sitecore Email Experience Manager 3.5

I have written one article on the latest revision of Sitecore 8.2 Update 5. In the same series, this is another article. Sitecore has released the latest version of Email Experience Manager with new & enhanced features. Following are some of the features. Support for PaaS Content Delivery Dependencies Date & Time Format Message Type… Continue reading Sitecore Email Experience Manager 3.5